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Checking In


Reading: Bill Bryson “A Walk in the Woods” and about to finish “deliberate motherhood 12 Powers of peace, purpose, order and joy” Compiled by Power of Moms.
Watching: My husband paint our front entry way.
Listening to: Carole King and James Taylor perform at the Troubadour.flv 2011, on Youtube.
Thankful for: Wednesday adventures with my children. Today was a trip to Point Reyes Station Playground and Toby’s Coffee and shop. Coffee photo from our adventure. Reminds me of how much my life has changed. How we all are evolving for the better.
Looking forward to: Father’s Day
Sam Update: He is building these new Lego guys called Mixels. They are for 6+ and he is only 4. He follows the directions and before you know he is playing with the guy.
Twin Update: The girls will be 13 months and Lily is walking all over the house. Look out world. Here comes Lily! Ellie lights up anytime Sam is home. She loves playing and being around him.
Meaning of Home: When you got kids and live on a street with other kids, your home becomes their home too.  It’s fun to hear there little knocks on the door checking to see if Sam is home. And of course, Sam is out the front door anytime he sees another kid playing outside.


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