Taking the Fall Semester Off? 25 Tips from a Student Affairs Pro/Mom


It is official. The Fall semester is here and you will not be teaching, prepping, or running from one project to another. The sabbatical, the maternity leave, the Break you have been waiting for is here. Now what. Before the idea of not having a routine creeps in, or not seeing students or even the thought you are letting your co-workers down, check out these helpful tips I found useful.

Tip 1) Keep eating breakfast and drinking your morning coffee or tea.
Tip 2) Let your work email go to full.
Tip 3) Stop checking your “work Facebook or Twitter Account”. Hey a break from Social Media all together is a great start.
Tip 4) Remember, it’s only temporary. You still have a job. And if you decide not to return, then you are meant to do something else.
Tip 5) Bake, cook, buy things at the market you normally would not, and try cooking something new.
Tip 6) Think outside the box. What has been on your back burner that could now be on the front?
Tip 7) Garden.
Tip 8) If this is your maturity leave, hug your baby. Every time you pick the baby up, give them the biggest hug.
Tip 9) Hug your dog.
Tip 10) Hug your cat.
Tip 11) Visit the local library.
Tip 12) Visit the local park.
Tip 13) Take breaks in your day and go for a walk.
Tip 14) Go to bed at the same time, unless you get inspired, then stay up as long as you need.
Tip 15) Take lots of pictures of your baby, your kids, your partner. Take pictures of the cafe sign outside the place you can now call your second office.
Tip 16) Check in on your neighbors. See what is new with them.
Tip 17) Clean the kitchen before you go to bed. Every night. You will love yourself even more in the morning. Even better, if you cooked, have your partner clean the kitchen. Either way, a clean kitchen can make all the difference.
Tip 18) Write.
Tip 19) Read.
Tip 20) Find something that happens every day at the same time that can be your “thing”. Mine is the Nightly News with Brian Williams.
Tip 21) Sleep.
Tip 22) Shower.
Tip 23) Be proud. Be very proud.
Tip 24) Remember, no guilt. You earned this break. You are deserving of this baby. You will be a better person because you took this time off.
Tip 25) And Remember, You are still your amazing self, just taking time to discover a new side of yourself that you can bring to your students and staff.

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