NASCAR picks

I believe the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Chase has begun. Matthias and I have been supper busy with other things so have not had much time to watch. But I cannot let NASCAR go with out making some picks on who will be this year’s champion. We each get two.

The top twelve drivers are:

Denny Hamlin (Matthias’ pick)
Jimmie Johnson    (Matthias’ pick)
Kevin Harvick    (Victoria’s pick)
Kyle Busch  (Victoria’s pick)
Kurt Busch
Tony Stewart  (Sam’s pick)
Greg Biffle
Jeff Gordon
Carl Edwards
Jeff Burton
Matt Kenseth
Clint Bowyer  (Sam’s pick)


Jimmie Johnson is becoming a father

4 time in a row NASCAR Sprint Champion Jimmie Johnson is becoming a father this July. Yeah! Matthias and I totally have something in common with Jimmie, parenthood! Yeah baby, our baby will be born in the same year. Cool beans! Best wishes you two. (Come on, I know…random NASCAR post but, it’s kind of cool if think about it)


History in the Making

Can the #48 Jimmie Johnson team win another NASCAR Season Championship and make it four in a row?
Let’s me explain something here…if he does, this puts him and his teams up there with San Francisco 49’s Super Bowl wins in the 80’s, or  Michael Jordon and the Chicago Bulls Championship wins in the 90’s and many other historic sports moments. This Sunday is the final NASCAR race of the season. They finish off at Homestead, Miami. Jimmy has the Pole. You go Jimmie! A Southern California kid from El Cajon, 34 years old. We could of gone to high school with Jimmie Johnson! Well…not me…I was living 8 hours away during high school but my fun point is that we are close in age!


My Picks for the Chase

The 2009 NASCAR season is alive and kicking. Today was an awesome race in Las Vegas. Each race, Matthias and I pick 2 drivers. Whose ever driver comes the closest to winning, wins that race. Today, Matthias picked Kurt Busch, I picked Jimmy Johnson and right towards the end, Jimmy crashes and ends up finishing right behind Kurt. Sad Face. This year, I’m going to create some “bonus” points just in case I fall really behind on my picks. So, I’m having us pick now who we think is going to land in the top 12 for the Chase. 26 races before we get there. The most picked drivers who makes it into the chase wins bonus points.
My Picks (in no special order)
#18 Kyle Busch
#24 Jeff Gordon
#14 Tony Stewart
#31 Jeff Burton
#5 Mark Martin
#99 Carl Edwards
(this is harder then I thought)
#17 Matt Kenneth
#2 Kurt Busch
#88 Jr.
#16 Greg Biffle
#9 Kasey Kaine
#83 Brian Vickers


NASCAR Chase time with David Letterman

The NASCAR chase for the championship officially starts with today’s race in New Hampshire. For us NASCAR fans, no chase can officially begin until David Letterman has does his 10 Ten with the top twelve drivers who will be fighting it out over the next 10 races. My money is on Kyle Busch. My hope is on Dale Jr. and I will be cheering when Tony “Smoke” Stewart wins his first race of the season. Let’s go racing boys!


Are you ready Sonoma?

By midnight tonight, the NASCAR 18 wheelers will be heading West. I love NASCAR week. If you ask anyone at my work in the days leading up to the big NASCAR weekend, I’m pretty much telling people to watch where they go next weekend…cause the roads will be packed! Sonoma County only has 2 lane roads leading to the track. This year, my sister will be attending her first NASCAR race. In our family, she is the die hard IRL fan..while I have been known for switching to the dark side towards NASCAR. But like I tell anyone who attends a NASCAR race at Infineon Raceway…you too will be turned.

Get ready Sonoma County…the big bad boys of the South are on their way…


I pick Jimmie Johnson for my team

Have you thought to check around your work lately to see who really is on your team? Make sure it is not Brian Vickers. As NASCAR fans witnessed on Sunday at Talladaga, Mr. Brian Vickers in the #25 car, who is Jimmie Johnson’s teammate, “oh accidently” (yeah right) bump drafted Johnson right into Dale Jr. in the 3rd turn on the last lap to create a crash that sent Johnson and Dale Jr. down off the track and into the dirt. This allowed Vickers smooth sailing into 1st place. Let’s just say, Vickers is no team player. Don’t worry Jimmie, I would of helped you out. I mean..come on are not even in the race for the chase, yo! They should now start running commercials that instead of saying “Let me ask Jimmie Johnson”, they should now show people picking teams and everyone says, “I pick Jimmie Johnson!”